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Five facts about sex while travelling

You’ve got your passport, your travel insurance and your back-up pair of thongs – but do you have your condoms? Get ready for what might be the best part of your overseas trip.

Join the club.

Who says that you have to wait to arrive at your destination for the fun to begin? UK travel company Skyscanner did a survey asking recent travellers what they really got up to on their flights. Unsurprisingly, 45% of those surveyed admitted to flirting with the stranger next to them, with 8% actually forming relationships with their aisle-mate once they had landed. As far as the mile-high club is concerned, 95% of people said they were up for having sex in the air, but sadly only 20% had actually done it. A resolution for 2016, maybe?

Where to go.

You’re a single person looking for love and/or fun in a foreign city – where are you most likely to get lucky? Last year dating app Twoo created a ‘heat map’ tracking where people were most likely to find a date in cities throughout Europe. Out of the 11.9 million active users, they found that East London (more specifically, Old Street) was one of the most active locations in Europe. If we’re talking about the U.S, according to you are more likely to have a fling in New York, where 50% of residents are single, and Washington DC, which has a huge 70% single rate.

And more specifically, where to go if you’re LBGT.

Straight people should not have the monopoly on this guide to getting lucky. The standard answer would be New York and San Francisco, but which other cities are especially accommodating for LBGT fun? US site Mic ranked the best across the globe, deciding on Amsterdam (which claims to be the birthplace of LGBT rights on its official travel website), Toronto (which boasts huge amounts of gay bars) and the frontrunner, São Paulo. In 2006, São Paulo set the Guinness World Record for the largest ever gay pride parade, at three million people. Those numbers don’t lie!

Are you more likely to have sex overseas?

Well, we don’t know how much you’re having at home, so it’s hard to say. But generally: yes. There’s something about travelling that generally puts people in the mood for getting down. An American study in 2006 surveyed 128 single female tourists on vacay in Costa Rica, finding that more than 50% had engaged in a little “vacation sex” while they were visiting. The same study found that women were more likely to have casual sex when travelling alone or with another single companion, which dispels the myth that you’re more likely to get laid when you’re part of a big tour group. The likelihood of vacation sex versus home-sex is actually so common that a Danish travel agency launched an ad campaign called “Do It For Denmark!” encouraging Danes to get busy while overseas to combat low-birth rates back home.

It’s true – just being overseas often makes it better.

Looking to reignite that spark? A survey of over 1000 couples by the U.S Travel Association found that even weekend getaways improved their sex lives, with 72% of those surveyed saying that travelling ‘inspired’ their romance, and 28% saying that it had improved their sex life (40% vouched that the change was permanent). When it came to singles, the University of Illinois found in a study that women are more likely to be sexually ‘adventurous’ when travelling. This includes an increased sex drive and a desire to experiment with one night stands and threesomes, due to lessened inhibitions while travelling. But remember: adventurous doesn’t mean taking risks. Strap it up and happy travels!