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Five dating apps (that aren’t Tinder)

Tired of Tinder? We hear you. Trawling through countless profiles can feel like a total time suck, and its heteronormativity can be overwhelming, even though swiping right is totally addictive. People use Tinder for many different reasons, and it often takes a lot of effort to meet peeps who are looking for (and into) the same things you are. Luckily, dating apps are becoming more and more niche, so there are Tinder alternatives to cater to almost any preference. Here are five worth exploring.


It’s 2017, folks. Unless you’ve been living in a man-cave/time-warp, you should know by now that online harassment, unwanted advances and unsolicited dick pics are not okay. Unsurprisingly to women everywhere, these things still happen. Sigh. And that’s where Bumble comes in. Designed as a safe space, this app requires women to make the first move and initiate contact with guys.


Have you ever wished there was a way you could find out whether that cutie you see around is vibing on you too? Although rom-coms would have us believe that serendipitous romantic connections really do happen, you’ve got to have buckets of confidence to approach your café crush IRL. Happn uses location services to show you not just the profiles of other nearby users, but also how many times you’ve crossed paths, where and when – perfect for shy romantics, but only if you can get past the stalker-ish overtones.


While Tinder is seen as the go-to app for casual sex, Pure is 100% about them hook-ups – and unlike Tinder, it’s totally anonymous. Designed to facilitate immediate encounters, the app puts users on a strict 60-minute time limit for connecting with potential sexual partners nearby. But a word to the wise: because Pure doesn’t integrate with other social media accounts, it’s particularly vulnerable to spam profiles.


At last! A dating app that’s designed specifically for the LGBTQIA community. While many dating apps lay claim to inclusivity, the experiences of gay, queer, trans, intersex, non-cis and non-binary users often prove them to be anything but. Geared away from casual hook-ups and towards those looking for love, this app is also a social networking platform – so you can join up to make friends and be part of a broader online community, too.


Ménage à trois, anyone? The app formerly known as 3nder (pronounced ‘Thrinder’) before being sued by Tinder for alleged trademark infringement, Feeld is billed as a dating app for ‘open-minded couples and singles’. If you’re part of a couple looking to spice things up, into swinging, or single and looking for sexual experiences or partners outside of normative hetero relationships, this could be the app for you. 

So go forth, explore and have fun – and make sure to use protection.