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What happens when PEDESTRIAN.TV takes the LifeStyles test?

We’ve partnered with PEDESTRIAN.TV to bring you the low down on our condoms and lubes, separate fact from fiction when it comes to safe sex, and answer your sexual health and wellness questions.

In part one of our video series, the PTV crew get up close and personal with LifeStyles® products to show you how to get sexy safely – and pleasurably.

Ever wondered how to find the right condom for your penis? How flavoured condoms actually taste? And when’s the best time to use lube? The team explore these questions – and more.

To kick things off, Georgia, Jack and Lucinda take the awkwardness out of sex ed by ditching the high-school bananas in favour of a more girth-diverse array of veg. This is condoms 101, 2018-style. Watch the video below to find out how to measure your penis properly, figure out the right fit and put on a condom correctly – even in the dark.

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